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Piano string covers keep dust, pet hair, etc., out of your grand piano! 
Dust is a problem for most piano owners.  Many customers ask me how to clean the dust from the area of the strings, soundboard harp and tuning pins.  While I do sell tools that are made specifically for this purpose, and also offer cleaning services to customers, the best answer is to simply never let the dust get in there in the first place! 



With a grand piano string cover!  Custom-made of very high quality, thick, 100% wool felt, these covers keep the dust out of your piano while allowing you to leave the lid up.  They are hand-made and custom fit to your piano.  Why wool?  Because it breathes, and also because it wicks humidity away from the strings and soundboard.  My customers who have these love them!  And the soundboard, harp and strings stay pristinely clean!  Integral battens are sewn into the cover which keep it from sagging and touching the strings. A first-class product to compliment your grand piano and to protect your investment!


Keep your soundboard, strings and harp spotlessly clean without having to clean! 

Keep your piano looking like this (below, left) . . . . . . and prevent it from ever looking like this (below, right).



As dust accumulates on the surface of the soundboard and harp, it eventually forms a grimy film on the surface that is difficult to remove.  Eventually, the dusty grime becomes so stuck to the surface that the only way to really thoroughly clean it is when the 300 lb harp is removed for re-stringing or soundboard repair.  Use a string cover, and it will never get dusty, grimy or dirty!  The strings will stay shiny longer and the harp will retain it's rich golden lustre.   


This Steinway harp (right) was so dirty it had to be entirely removed from the piano in order to be cleaned, a very expensive process.  A string cover would have avoided this. 



Colors to choose from

I recommend and sell only Dawson String Covers, handmade in the USA using very high quality, thick, dense wool.  String covers are available in four colors: dark brown, white, black and burgundy (see samples below). 


Serged edging

All our covers are custom made to fit your specific piano, and feature serged edges. 


Decorative stitching

Dawson String Covers doesn't mass-produce covers.  Instead, when I place an order based on the color and stitching you have selected for your piano, they custom make a cover specifically for you and your piano.  From scratch.  Because your special piano deserves special treatment, and your investment deserves protection. 

Depending on your preference, you may select from two styles of stitching (feather stitch and greek stitch).  Available thread colors are red, gold and blue (see below).   


Left: Feather Stitch in different thread colors.            Right: Greek stitch in different thread colors.




These custom-made covers are hand-made here in the US with only the highest quality 100% wool.  Prices start at $329.  Compared to the cost of a thorough cleaning ($30) every year and periodic polishing of the strings ($40), it pays for itself very quickly!   


The price of your cover will depend on the size of your grand piano.  Shipping is free.

Size of your grand piano  Price Shipping
Petite to 6' 1"  $339 Free
 6' 2" to 8' $389 Free
 8' 1" to 8' 11" $439 Free
 9' and larger $489Free



To order your string cover now, email us and provide us with the brand, model and size of your piano.