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 Steinway Pianos for Sale

1923 Steinway Model B grand (7 foot) for sale.  From the Golden Era of Steinway manufacturing.  Ebony finish.  Painstakingly restored.         


Restoration includes: New soundboard, bridge caps, pinblock, strings, tuning pins, plate felts, damper felts, hammers, hammer shanks; restored original ivories; refinished case and harp. 


Special Features: Wapin Bridge System for greater singing quality, Grijalva Treble Tension Tone Resonator, gold plated hardware, custom made bass strings, individually balanced keys for ultimate evenness and response.  This piano has the ornamental harp with beaded rosettes that collectors prize. 


Price: $45,000   SOLD


1906 Steinway Model A II grand (6' 1") for sale.  Art case.  Striking tiger stripe mahogany case.  Signed by Josef Lhevinne, classmate of Rachmaninoff, and one of the great pianists of all time.  Photo from the 1907 Denver Post shows this very piano being played by Mr Lhevinne in his room in the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver in February 1907, several days after he played a command performance for President and Mrs Roosevelt at the White House, and the day after his Denver debut.  Piano is in for restoration at present. 


It's extremely rare to find a piano signed by one of the greatest pianists of all time. 


Price: $75,000


1899 Steinway Model I art case upright (54" tall).  Ebony finish.  Rare.  Restoration is almost complete. 


Restoration includes: resonant structure restoration (soundboard, bridges, etc.); new strings, tuning pins, bridge pins, hammers, dampers, hammer butts, hammer shanks, key felts; refinished cabinet, harp and soundboard; restored original ivories.  Middle pedal is full grand-piano-style sostenuto pedal.


Price: $18,000.  To see more pictures, click here.


1924 Steinway Model O grand, 5' 10 1/2".  Ebony finish.  Awaiting restoration.   


Price: $28,000

1960 Steinway & Sons Studio Upright, Model 1098.  46 1/2 " tall.  Mahogany cabinet.  New Renner hammers, new custom bass strings.  Regulated and voiced for superior touch and tone.
Very sensitive touch; full, rich tone, wide dynamic range. 
Price: $12,000 (new is $21,100)
 1925 Steinway Model M grand for sale, 5' 7".  Mahogany finish.  Currently being restored. 

Price: $25,000

1925 Steinway Model M grand, 5' 7".  Mahogany finish. 

Currently being restored. 


Price: $25,000