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Substantially Improve the Touch of Your Piano


If the touch of your piano is difficult to control, if it's too heavy, too light, too loose, if the keys rattle or wobble, you'll find you're constantly fighting with the instrument to make music.  Improving the touch can dramatically transform your experience at the piano!


When the touch has deteriorated

Using skills refined over 20 years of piano servicing, I adjust the working parts in your action to restore the sensitivity the touch once had. I also recondition or replace worn parts, as well as make up to 50 adjustments per note to restore the evenness and sensitive response of the keys. The goal? A touch that is so responsive it almost feels like the piano reads your mind and anticipates what you are about to play. A touch so silky and even you find it hard to walk past the piano without sitting down to play for a few minutes!




A more responsive touch means greater pleasure from playing

The mechanical part of your piano (the "action", as it is referred to) consists of some 6,000 parts, including the keys, felts, hammers, dampers and many other components. When you play one note, up to 70 individual parts are involved! Combined, these thousands of action parts create the "touch" of your piano, the tactile experience you have when playing. In Europe, this is referred to as the piano's "Spielart". Like all things mechanical, the 6,000 parts in your piano's action gradually wear out and go out of adjustment, causing the touch to become substantially less responsive and even. This substantially detracts from the enjoyment one would otherwise receive playing the instrument.

When you want a different touch

Some pianos never had a pleasant touch to begin with. Not to worry: we can redesign the touch of your piano exactly to your liking. In other situations, it's a matter of personal preference: you like a firm touch, but your piano has a light touch, for example, and it always bothers you. We can customize it exactly to your preference. We believe that you should love every moment you spend at your piano and since the feel of the touch is such a large part of the musical experience at the piano, we specialize in creating touch characteristics to suit your preference.

From precision adjustments to your existing action, to replacing your entire action with the sought-after high-end Renner action from Germany, to custom micro-balancing your piano's touch to your exact preferences based on the Stanwood protocols - whatever you wish, we can do it!

Contact us if you'd like more information about how your piano's touch can be improved!