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Customer Comments                                          
As an avid piano player myself, I am passionate about  music and playing piano.  And as a pianist, I understand that you can tune a piano until the cows come home, but if the touch and tone aren't also the best they can be, it simply won't be enjoyable to play that piano.  Every pianist wants rich, beautiful tone and exquisitely sensitive touch, in addition to the piano being in tune. 
Because I'm a pianist and understand how pianists think, I am equally passionate about being a piano technician.  I love uncovering and coaxing out the very best tone and touch a piano is capable of, so that the experience of my customers as they play their piano will be the most rewarding and delightful that it can be. The result?  Customers really love the improvement in their pianos!  I find few things as satisfying as making someone's piano more rewarding and enjoyable to play, because it makes the music they play all that much more satisfying to them.  Even the most beautiful piece of music played with wonderful expressivity won't sound beautiful on a piano that sounds bad.  Conversely, when the piano is really sounding marvelous and the touch is very responsive, it's magic to sit and play even a simple piece. 
Here is a small sample of the types of comments I often hear from customers. All are unsolicited:

"Dear Trevor -- My piano and I cannot thank you enough for your sharing your talent with us.  The piano has never sounded more beautiful, nor been as easy to play!  I came home late last night, and really played (just practiced, really) for the first time since we moved in in May, and it was so lovely that I couldn't stop.  I am paying for it today with sore wrists and fingers, but it was worth it, it was such a treat.  We are so glad to have you in our lives.  You are the best technician that has worked on this piano -- and that's saying a lot, because the last one was the technician for the Kennedy Center! 


Thank you so very much!"

Antoinette M.,Hamburg Steinway grand, 7 ft, Model B


I won't let anyone else touch my Steinway!

Ward T., Steinway grand, Model L



"Thank you Trevor for service above and beyond the call of duty!  You are one in a million and a treasure to the world.  I look forward to a long and happy musical journey with you as my piano technician.  God bless you!"

Sharon P., Piano Teacher, Kawai KG-2 grand



"It was wonderful to have you devote so much time and care to my piano last night. What a big difference in the sound! The piano really wants to be played now.  Thank you for explaining so much (even music theory!) and being so patient with my questions.  

One interesting thing - the piano seems to now have adopted a more masculine character. Maybe a little more happy & confident. You must have left something of yourself in it  :-)"

Christine T., Kawai grand



"It has definitely never sounded this in tune in its life!"

Rachel B.,Piano Teacher, Mason and Hamlin grand  


"Just want to say thanks for doing a great job with our piano.  It sounds wonderful!  And I very much enjoyed talking with you, listening to you play and especially appreciate the way you engaged my daughter, Madeline.  That was most thoughtful." 
Mark M., Petrof grand 



"Thank you so much for your time, you were the best choice I could have made in a piano tuner.  I will be sure to recommend you to my friends."
Lisa C.

"I came across a receipt that I received from you for tuning our piano in 1997. I have never been happy with any other service since yours. My piano needs tuned and a friend of mine has a grand that needs tuned. Do you still come to Canada?"
Maggie B.

"I can't thank you enough for all of the time and attention that you gave me and my new piano last Friday.  I learned so much from you about my piano, how it works, and what it will take to keep it in top condition.  It was a pleasure to get to talk with you and watch you work your magic.  You devoted so much of yourself to making that first visit a positive experience.  I hope you weren't too starved by the time you finished up.  :)

I have been playing and enjoying the wonderful sound so much since your visit.  My daughter called on Saturday morning and wanted me to play her favorite song so she could hear it over the phone.  I am very much looking forward to all of the wonderful things that your expertise will bring to my piano and my enjoyment of it."
Barbara B., Kawai 7' grand

"You made this piano sound like a Steinway!  Thank you so very much!"
Joanne S., Professor of Piano, Kimball Viennese Edition 6'7" grand


The following came to me out of the blue, as an unsolicited recommendation from a customer via

"Although you have not asked me to write you a recommendation, I'd like to, if I may. I feel very grateful for the work you've done for me, and in particular for repairing the severe casing damage movers did to my Yamaha G3 to such an amazing better than new condition. I hope these words and those below go a small distance towards showing my respect and great appreciation:

Although to me he seems to be nothing short of a genius in every aspect, Trevor Nelson maintains a wonderful modesty, sincerity, and kind, honest professionalism that is second to none and he is an absolute joy to do business with.

After almost 20 years of piano ownership and experience with many shops, movers and technicians in several major metropolitan areas for every kind of piano service from tuning to full restoration, at last I've found Trevor (my very special thanks to the technican registry on!).

He is now the only person I would consider taking my piano to for service in Colorado and if I ever move, I may have to seriously consider shipping my piano to him for any work it needs, no matter what the cost.

As the utmost professional technician, Trevor not only understands pianos, he easily understands pianists because although he may not mention it or boast, he is himself a fantastic pianist with great insights into the tonal colors and the range of emotional expression possible within the instrument and its repetoire.

I would easily and confidently recommend Trevor and any company that he owns to any individual, company, or venue looking for the finest and most reliable service of fine pianos on the concert stage or in the home."

Bryan T, Pianist and Piano Teacher, Yamaha grand



"Thanks for the great tuning! I'm loving playing this piano again and just wanted you to know!!"

Natalie O., Professional Pianist, Pramberger 7' grand 

"The piano sounds great!!  Madison is loving it.  It is so nice to hear her play a piano that is in tune."
Karen A., Steinway upright